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Zuo Yue Food A La Carte Menu Launch

Jun 12, 2022

You ask, we give. We’ve just launched our New A La Carte Menu! Introducing our variety of Proteins, Vegetables, Soups and Carbs, you can order according to the dish that you want for your lunch or dinner (note the available days)!

Available on Specific Days

Signature Vinegar Pork Trotters (available for Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

The most popular dish among our mummies. Its delicate balance of sweetness and sourness, coupled with the fullness of collagen-filled sweet vinegar broth derived from hours of braising in a claypot, creates that melt-in-your-mouth trotters and umami taste that make our mummies and daddies (even children!) coming back for more! Remember to book this signature dish one week in advance.

Signature Sesame Oil Chicken (available every day except Saturday)

Another signature dish that has received massive recognition amongst our mummies and daddies. This is an all-time favourite for many children as well. Stir-fried and then braised over low-medium heat, fans of this dish love the multi-layered flavours; the result of a full marination, followed by addition of flavours throughout the whole cooking process.

Steamed Codfish Steak with Wolfberry, Ginger Strips & Spring Onion in Sweetened Wine Sauce (available every day except Saturday)

Best known for promoting cardiovascular health and regulating blood pressure due to its rich omega-3 fatty acid content, this melt-in-your-mouth dish is welcome by both adults and children. This is also a wonderful dish for post-surgery and general nutrition. 

Available Everyday

Steam-Baked Salmon Fillet with Mushroom & Wolfberry 

Another of our mummies’ favourites that is suitable for adults and children of all ages due to the high levels of DHA and omega-3 fatty acids. Another tantalising brain-food to add to your meals! Topped with mushrooms and wolfberry, this 200-gram salmon fillet comes drenched in the following choices of sauces:

  1. Thick and Creamy Mediterranean buttermilk sauce
  2. Japanese-style Teriyaki Sauce 
  3. Western Black Pepper Sauce
  4. ZYF Signature Black Sweet Vinegar Sauce (our mummies just love this sauce, they want it on everything!)

Oven-baked Chicken Chop with Mushroom & Wolfberry 

A favourite among many for its well-marinated flavours, the oven-baked chicken thigh is tender and juicy. A good source of protein for all ages, it is great for daily consumption, general nutrition, and post-surgery or workout recovery. Topped with mushrooms and wolfberry, we offer the following choices of sauces:

  1. Thick and Creamy Mediterranean buttermilk sauce
  2. Japanese-style Teriyaki Sauce 
  3. Western Black Pepper Sauce
  4. ZYF Signature Black Sweet Vinegar Sauce (our mummies just love this sauce, they want it on everything!) 

Steamed Angelica Sinensis (当归) Chicken Wings with Red Date & Wolfberry

Let your taste buds savour the calming and nourishing flavours of angelica sinensis herbs through this nutritious dish. The fusion of the natural juices of both chicken and herbs during steaming creates yet another umami experience that etches in the minds of young and old. A total of 5 chicken wings are served. 

Double-boiled Cordyceps Militaris (虫草花) Chicken Soup with Sweet Corn, Carrot & Wolfberry

One of the most loved soups in our selection is this chicken soup with an unforgettable homely feel. Whether one is taking it for general nourishment or recovery, this is to-go soup for everyone.  Order it for yourself, or as a gift for anyone who loves cordyceps chicken soup, or need it for nourishment today!

Traditional Hakka Yellow Wine Chicken Soup with Black Fungus & Wolfberry 

This traditional dish is a must-have and a favourite among Hakkas and Cantonese. It has great benefits for those with a ‘cold’ body, or trying to recover from a cold. Feel the rush of nourishing warmth as one consumes this dish. This dish comes with an added small tub of yellow wine for those seeking a stronger oomph!

Nourishing Fish Soup

Enjoy the thick fullness of our fish soup broth that is boiled over medium fire over hours with a healthy selection of fish bones and fresh ingredients. Coupled with thick chunks of fish meat, this soup dish provides another gastronomic experience for all ages.    

Boiled Broccoli with Bailing Mushroom & Carrot in Silky Egg Sauce 

This nutritionally well-balanced vegetable dish provides an array of vitamins and antioxidants which goes very well with a variety of protein dishes and soups in your meals. 

Stir-fried Nai Bai with Roasted Garlic sauce

A home-styled dish that provides vitamins and nutrients that are essential for both the young and elderly. Nai Bai is also well-liked by children due to their leafy nature, while the portion of stems provide a crunchy balance to this dish. Add this to your meals today!

Furong Egg with Wolfberry

Another homely protein dish that has been much rave by children of those who had tried this dish. The addition of wolfberry to this dish makes an already nutritious protein dish even more packed with goodness. 


We sell 3 carbs: Steamed Fragrant White Rice, Steamed Full Brown Rice & Mee Sua which is enough for one person. 

How to Order on our Zuo Yue Food Website?

For all A La Carte Orders, you need to spend a minimum of $40 total. Here is a video of how you can order!