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Steam-Baked Salmon Fillet with Mushroom & Wolfberry

Another of our mummies’ favourites that is suitable for adults and children of all ages due to the high levels of DHA and omega-3 fatty acids. Another tantalising brain-food to add to your meals! Topped with mushrooms and wolfberry, this 200-gram salmon fillet comes drenched in the following choices of sauces:
  1. Thick and Creamy Mediterranean buttermilk sauce
  2. Japanese-styled Teriyaki Sauce
  3. Western Black Pepper Sauce
  4. ZYF Signature Black Sweet Vinegar Sauce (our mummies just love this sauce, they want it on everything!)
Our Steam-Baked Salmon Fillet with Mushroom & Wolfberry is served in generous portion (200 grams) and suitable for 1 - 2 pax. Kindly note the following: 
  • This dish is available everyday.
  • Minimum order of $40 is required for A La Carte
  • Price stated is not inclusive of GST
  • An additional $25 delivery fee is applicable for Sentosa and Jurong Island
Zuo Yue Food's A La Carte Menu is the latest launch due to popular demand by Mummies out of confinement, as well as families, husbands and children.
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Additional Steam-baked Salmon Fillet with Mushroom & Wolfberry+$18.90
Signature Vinegar Pork Trotters (Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays)+$19.90
Signature Sesame Oil Chicken (Monday - Friday & Sunday Only)+$12.90
Steamed Codfish Steak with Wolfberry, Ginger Strips & Spring Onion in Sweetened Wine Sauce (Monday - Friday & Sunday Only)+$25.90
Oven-baked Chicken Shop with Mushroom & Wolfberry+$11.90
Steamed Angelica Sinensis (当归) Chicken Wings with Red Date & Wolfberry+$16.90
Double-boiled Cordyceps Militaris (虫草花) Chicken Soup with Sweet Corn, Carrot & Wolfberry+$19.90
Traditional Hakka Yellow Wine Chicken Soup with Black Fungus & Wolfberry+$19.90
Nourishing Fish Soup+$16.90
Choose above dishes for more variety to your meal.
Skip if you did not select this main
Skip if you did not select this main
Boiled Broccoli with Bailing Mushroom & Carrots in Silky Egg Sauce+$12.90
Stir-fried Nai Bai with Roasted Garlic Sauce+$9.90
Furong Egg with Wolfberry+$6.90
Steamed Fragrant White Rice (1 pax)+$1.00
Steamed Fragrant White Rice (2 pax)+$2.00
Steamed Full Brown Rice (1 pax)+$2.00
Steamed Full Brown Rice (2 pax)+$4.00
Mee Sua (1 pax)+$1.50
Mee Sua (2 pax)+$3.00
Choose above add-ons to complete your meal!
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