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Ordering with Zuo Yue Food: Add – Ons and Special Requests

Jun 20, 2022

So you have decided to get your confinement package from us! But are you confused by the variety of options and add-ons? No worries! Today, we will break down our Add-Ons and Special Requests so that you can be sure to have a stress-free and comfortable recovery journey postpartum.

Confinement Set Packages

We offer Confinement Set Packages for 7, 14, 21 or 28 days and you can choose to get a Single or Dual package. For the Single package, you can opt for either the Lunch or Dinner while for the Dual packages, you will receive both Lunch and Dinner. All our confinement set packages are served in our thermal set (tingkat, soup container and flask) and are sent in a delivery bag to your doorstep. If you are interested to see what we include in our Packages, check out our Menu https://zuoyuefood.sg/menu/.  

Top up your Packages with our Add-Ons

We also offer additional items so as to make it easy for you to order all the things you need for a convenient and hassle-free confinement. These add – ons are limited to our Confinement Set Packages only.


ZYF Fish Package

If you opted for the Single package, you will get the additional fish dish for every meal (Lunch or Dinner). If you opted for the Dual package, you will receive the additional fish dish for both Lunch and Dinner.

Either Codfish, Salmon, Red Snapper, White Snapper, Snakehead or Threadfin dish

Provide nutrients like DHA through your breast milk which are good for your baby’s brains, eyes and nervous system development

Rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids and essential vitamins and minerals, the salmon and cod fish are good for breastfeeding mothers.


ZYF Bento Set Meal Package

Every time you receive your meal, you will get one additional bento package.

1 carb (white rice, mixed rice or full brown rice option), 1 protein (pork, fish or chicken) and 1 vegetable served in a disposable plastic container. The protein and vegetable will be the same as the mummy’s tingkat meal. If you have any requests like no garlic or no herbs, include it in your special requests.

Enjoy your confinement meals with you spouse or family members!


ZYF Thermal Set 

Our thermal set containers (+ delivery bag) for you to own as a keepsake for personal use.

You can purchase your own reusable thermal set which includes our flask, soup container and a 3-tiered tingkat or you can get the thermal set with the delivery bag.

 Environmentally-friendly and convenient purchase to use to store or pack food.


Clookies Sets

Our partner, Clookies, is a  lactation bakes company that sells baked food to help breastfeeding mothers increase their milk production.

Choose either Set A: 7-Days worth of Clookies products which includes 2 x 350g packets of lactation Cookies & 7 pieces of Brownies or Set B: 14-Days worth of Clookies products which includes 2 x 350g packets of Lactation Cookies, 2 x 400g packets of Granola, 8 pieces of Brownies, 6 pieces of Brookies & 1 box of Lactation Tea. Upon your order with Zuo Yue Food, Clookies will contact you separately for your personalised Clookies order to choose your preferred flavours.

Have these bakes before or after our meals to boost milk production for lactating mothers.


Mummamia Confinement Herbal Bath 坐月沐浴药材 (1 box)

This helps to improve the mother’s health through expelling wind, improving blood circulation and reducing after birth pain.

Each box comes with 14 packets of herbal bath sachets that can be soaked in boiling water to be used for bathing.

After childbirth, mothers are physically weak and have low immunity and hence, could fall sick easily. Mothers that suffer wind-related discomforts will find this a relaxing option postpartum.


Mummamia Nursing Herbal Soup (1 box)

This helps promote milk supply, reduce engorgement discomfort and reduce the risk of breast-related inflammation.

Each box includes 5 packets of a mixture of herbs that can be cooked with meat or had alone.

 While our Confinement Set Packages include a soup with every meal, this herbal soup is an addition that can be consumed 2-3 per week.


Customise your Packages with our Special Requests

We understand that each mother has their own tastes and preferences hence, we provide you the option to make special requests on what we cook for you!

Full brown rice only or White rice only

Our Confinement Set meals alternate between mee sua, brown and white rice however, you can choose to receive only brown rice or only white rice in your set packages. For example, if you opt for brown rice, we will serve brown rice instead of white rice or mixed rice but on the day we serve mee sua, you will still receive mee sua.

Shenghua Soup 

Sheng Hua Tang is a Chinese classic herbal formula that stimulates blood flow and relieves pain. The herbal formula is widely used by Chinese women who after giving birth will use the formula to improve blood flow. Suitable for mothers post-surgery or who have specific ailments and require additional benefits, this soup is consumed during the first month of the postpartum period and may have a positive effect on the mother’s physical and emotional health. You can opt to get the first 2 servings of Shenghua soup complimentary. You can get a third serving for an additional fee as well!


We also offer the option to choose what you get in your daily meals. You can opt for no chicken or egg for the first week or first 2 weeks of your Confinement Set Packages. You can also opt for less ginger, no liver, no pig stomach or no herbs. We are willing to customise your meals to meet your needs so feel free to add your dietary restrictions in the text box of your order. 

A Word from Us

Considering what you want or need for your confinement might seem daunting but it does not have to be. We want you to know that we are here for you every step of the way. Simply choose what you like and leave the rest to us!