Frequently Asked Questions - Zuo Yue Food

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  • 1. Why choose Zuo Yue Food?

    The confinement menu is curated by the co-founders (both have at least a bachelor degree in Science and Education) and backed by a team of TCM consultants and experienced nannies. You can be assured of a well-balanced, nutritious and flavourful spread to support you on your journey to recovery during your postpartum/recuperation period.

  • 2. What are the delivery timings?

    Our delivery timing for Lunch is 10.30am to 1.30pm and 4.00pm to 7.30pm for Dinner.​

  • 3. Do you deliver on public holidays?

    Yes we do except for Good Friday, Labour Day and Christmas Day.

    For packages that fall on the non-delivery days, we will make it up by adding one more day to the end of the package.

    A one-time surcharge ($25 per meal/$50 per day) applies for New Year Eve and New Year Day, Chinese New Year Eve, Chinese New Year Day 1 and 2. However, if you choose to skip the public holidays, there will be no surcharge.

  • 4. What will I expect from the confinement trial and package?

    All trial and package meals come with a flask of home brewed red date longan tea (500ml), a tiered thermal tiffin carrier (tingkat), a thermal soup container and a thermal bag.

  • 5. Do I have to wash the thermal containers and flask?

    Yes. We collect, rewash and sterilise them before repacking for later deliveries. If mummies have the support of their family members or helper, we humbly request that the containers and flask to be washed to help us maintain a high level of hygiene for the community. If you cannot wash the container and flask (we can understand due to the belief “no touching of water during confinement”), we hope you can remove all the remaining food and use a tissue to wipe the remaining residue. Thank you.

  • 6. Do I have to return the thermal bags and containers?

    Yes. Please kindly return the thermal bag and containers to our delivery personnel on the next meal delivery. For confinement trials, please wait for us to contact you via Whatsapp. Charges apply for unreturned/missing/damaged bags and containers.

  • 7. What if there are days I wish to skip a meal?

    Please contact us at least 2 days (48 hours) before the day you with to pause the meal delivery. Your meal plan will be extended by the number of meals paused. e.g Pausing of lunch or dinner on the 1st of April. We need to be notified by 28th of March, 5pm. Charges may apply.​

  • 8. How can I start my package delivery?

    Please WhatsApp us @ +65 91868372 at least 2 days (48 hours) to start your package.

  • ​9. Are there any additional delivery charges?

    Our package prices are inclusive of delivery charge. Additional delivery charges are applicable for ala-carte and confinement trial orders.

  • 10. Am I able to do special dietary request?

    Yes. Please let us know your preferences or if you are allergic to particular ingredients. We will do our best to accede to your request.

  • 11. Can I request for Sheng Hua Tang during the first 2 days after delivery?

    Yes. Please let us know if you want Sheng Hua Tang and we will specially prepare a flask of Sheng Hua Tang for you.

  • 12. How do I know if my order is confirmed after making payment online?

    You will receive a confirmation email in 3-5 working days. We will be contacting you via WhatsApp when your meal is starting in 1-2 days time.

  • 13. What If I wish to make changes to my package?

    You may upgrade your package by informing us (91868372 via WhatsApp) as early as possible (strictly only for upgrade of packages). No refund or transfer of package is allowed should there be any cancellation or downgrade.

  • 14. What will I receive when I purchase the add-on Fish Package into my confinement package?

    This package was created to allow our customers enjoy fish every meal. With this package, fish will be served for meals that the standard menu does not serve fish. For meals that already have fish served through the standard daily menu (as a protein dish or in our soup), there will not be the added tier of fish.

    We serve salmon, codfish, red snapper, white snapper and threadfin based on seasonal availability.