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Acquiring the Right Nutrients After Childbirth

Dec 16, 2021

Recovering from childbirth is not an easy phase. Your body would have experienced an immense amount of pain, stress and alteration. Hence, the right amount of the right type of nutrients is required for your body to regain its strength and health. 

Have you ever gone in-depth about what kind of nutrients you should look out for during the confinement period and where can you find them? Here are some key nutrients you will need for a smooth and speedy postnatal journey. 


Low iron stores are observed after childbirth due to the loss of large amounts of blood during delivery. This may lead to fatigue, stress, a reduction in work capacity and a risk in gestational anemia in mothers. Hence, iron is an important element to aid in the production of hemoglobin which replenishes the red blood cells in your body. Iron also assists in transporting sufficient oxygen throughout the body to improve your brain and muscle functions. 

Iron-rich foods include liver, other organ meats, red meat, seeds, and leafy green vegetables. At Zuo Yue Food, our iron-rich confinement meals include Fried Egg, Pork Fillet and Liver in Ginger Soup, White Pepper Bah Kut Teh with Pig Stomach and Stir-Fried Spinach, Nai Bai, Hong Kong Kai Lan and Shanghai Green. 

In addition, mothers turn to iron supplements to fight iron deficiency more effectively. Do consult your healthcare provider before undertaking an iron supplement. Too much iron supplement consumption can cause constipation.


After delivery, Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) levels in mothers remain low due to the transfer of DHA to the production of breast milk for your baby. With low levels of DHA, it may lead to disruptions of brain function and a higher risk of postpartum depression. DHA, a form of Omega-3 fatty acid, is essential in improving mental focus, regulating emotions, and reducing inflammation. 

Some best sources of DHA are found in seafood and leafy greens. In fact, fish, such as salmon and cod, are also great sources of DHA. At Zuo Yue Food, our Steamed Cod Fish with Spring Onion, Wolfberry and Ginger in Special Sweet Sauce is one of the popular fish dishes among mothers.

You may also consume DHA supplements to replenish your body with this nutrient.

Vitamin D

Mothers in postpartum face significantly lower vitamin D levels than others. Symptoms of vitamin D may consist of fatigue, muscle weakness and aches, and mood changes including postpartum depression. Staying indoors most of the time may also restrict mothers in obtaining a natural source of vitamin D from sunlight. Vitamin D is critical in increasing blood levels and improving the immune system in the body. Studies have also indicated that the level of serum vitamin D was significantly lower in women with postpartum depression

Fish served at Zuo Yue Food, such as salmon, cod, red snapper, and threadfin, are excellent sources of vitamin D. Other foods rich in vitamin D comprise seafood, eggs, and fortified dairy products. Vitamin D supplements are also available to enhance absorption when taken with meals.

Vitamin B12

Some mothers have been faced with vitamin B12 deficiency after pregnancy, and this is especially true for mothers who do not consume animal products. Vitamin B12 is a crucial nutrient that aids in the proper development of red blood cells and healthy nerve tissues. It also stimulates energy production and improves brain functions. These are crucial not only for you but also for your baby. Vitamin B12 helps both the physical and mental development of your baby, especially the growth of the brain. 

Vitamin B12 is mainly found in animal foods, namely meat, fish, eggs, and milk. To encourage Vitamin B12 consumption, we provide hearty and tasty meat dishes like Sesame Oil Chicken, Signature Vinegar Pork Trotters, Black Pepper Chicken in Chinese Wine, and many more. Mothers who do not consume these products are encouraged to take vitamin B12 supplements. Do consult your doctor for advice.

With the importance of consuming a wide range of nutrients in your diet, Zuo Yue Food offers a variety of nutrient-rich home-cooked confinement meals to cater to your interests and needs. From vitamin-rich fish dishes such as salmon steak and red snapper slices to nutritious greens such as stir-fried Nai Bai and spinach, each meal consists of a perfect blend of essential nutrients during confinement. With a traditional Hakka and Cantonese touch, our menu is filled with love and natural goodness with an emphasis on a balanced diet. 

Acquiring the right nutrients is crucial in the journey of recovery. At Zuo Yue Food, our meals are carefully crafted according to nutritional facts and TCM considerations to ensure the best balance. Rest assured that your meals will be well taken care of by us so that you can rest and focus on taking care of yourself and your baby. We understand this because we are parents too.