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About us

Coping with the transitions after childbirth is challenging for mothers in modern society. Positive post-partum mental health is vital for the mother to establish a healthy and close bonding with the baby. Research has shown that

Post-natal diet could have an effect on post-partum mental health. A balanced diet with an emphasis on vegetables, fish (or meat) and legumes during the first month could be a potential preventive measure against post-partum mental health disorders
(Teo, Chia, Colega, et al., 2018).

With this in mind, Zuo Yue Food’s goal is to bring joy and comfort through nutritious confinement food with a tinge of home-cooked taste so that mummies can enjoy a positive post-natal period during the first month (and subsequent months) after childbirth.

Zuo Yue Food recipes are thoughtfully crafted by our co-founders and in-house experts to aid mothers in their journey to recovery during their post-natal period. Our menu serves a traditional Malaysian blend of Hakka and Cantonese home-cooked style with an emphasis on a balanced diet. From Signature Vinegar Pork Trotters and Tantalising Papaya Threadfin Soup to Flavourful Beancurd with Minced Meat and Ginger and All-Time Favourite Sesame Oil Chicken; Our gastronomic spread is prepared with love, msg-free, low in salt and fat – packing a sizzling flavor, bursting with natural goodness and great nutritional value.

Zuo Yue Food was started as a home-based business selling only Vinegar Pork Trotters. The co-founder started cooking Vinegar Pork Trotters for his wife since the year 2011 after their first baby was born. He observed the improved health and well-being of his wife after her confinement supported by his mum. From a non-pork eater to a vinegar pork trotter’s lover, his wife enjoyed the confinement dishes prepared by her mother-in-law thoroughly. Inspired by the amazing effects of confinement food, he picked up the ropes from his mum, created his own recipes, and began cooking up a storm for his family, friends, and colleagues.

With continued support from the community, Zuo Yue Food has evolved into a commercial kitchen, providing tingkat and ala-carte meals delivery with love for all. Zuo Yue Food has been featured in Tallypress for being one of the top 10 confinement food delivery services in Singapore, Hawkerpedia for delivering tasty confinement food from home chef that’s not just for mothers and Mana Tabao on UFM 100.3 radio station.