Confinement Food with Love for All

Zuo Yue Food is the 1st confinement food service in Singapore to provide tingkat (subscriptions) for mummies after childbirth and ala-carte delivery for all ages.

We bring you savoury taste of nutritious home-cooked meals which serve a traditional Malaysian blend of Hakka and Cantonese style. Suitable for recovery, recuperation and lactation, our menu consists of ingredients that are essential in maintaining a healthy diet too.

ORDER NOW. Choose 'Package Sets' for a trial or subscription of confinement meals OR 'Ala-Carte Meals' to satisfy your cravings for savoury food.

Let your Zuo Yue Food journey begin!

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Signature Sesame Oil Chicken

Savoury Sesame Oil Chicken is one dish that you can't miss. Suitable for all ages and a favourite among the children!

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